Entering Expert Mode automatically on log in

This post is for dealing with Check Point SPLAT firewalls and other SPLAT based appliances. 

Why would I need this?  Well, for one, if you plan to use SCP to access your SPLAT box you must have this enabled.  Other than that, typically you only enter the SPLAT box command line interface if you need to do something, not just for fun.  Any changes or commands you need to run outside of the ‘sysconfig’ or ‘cpconfig’ menu systems, requires you to be in Expert Mode.  You used to have to edit a file using ‘vi’ which isn’t the most user friendly editing program, but there is now a new method.  I recently found this and wanted to share it since it SO much easier than before.  Enjoy!

 To enter Expert mode automatically on each login, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter Expert mode.
  2. Run the ‘chsh -s /bin/tcsh admin’ command (to work in tsch).
    Run the ‘chsh -s /bin/bash admin’ command (to work in bash).

To revert back to the default login shell:

    Run the ‘chsh -s /bin/cpshell admin’ command
    Note: ‘admin’ is the user name in the above commands and can be substituted for any user name you have on the box.

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