DWL – Dell Warranty Lookup Tool

“We need the warranty status on all of our hardware ASAP!”

All of us have been tasked with this at one point or another and if you are using Dell equipment then there has never been an easy way to do this outside of going to the Dell website and performing the lookup one machine at a time.

Screenshot - DWL

Until now.

DWL is free to use and distribute, and will allow you to perform warranty lookups on your Dell systems without visiting the Dell support site. 

When you first launch DWL, it will automatically retrieve the Service Tag from the local machine.  Just press the Search button to lookup the warranty details, or replace the Service Tag with another one to lookup the details for another machine.

In the next few days I will be releasing DWL Pro for $25.00 USD, which contains the same GUI-based funcitonality seen here, plus the features below…

  • Command-line interface, enabling a fully-scriptable solution
  • Input File support
  • Service Tag lookup for remote machines
  • CSV output (with user defined options)
  • Export results to MSSQL 2000+

In the mean time, you can download DWL here.

Update:  DWL Pro is in beta!  More info here.


2 thoughts on “DWL – Dell Warranty Lookup Tool

  1. Carlos,

    This is a tool I utilize often and I am not a fan of the one-by-one lookups. For $25.00 I am very interested in your program.



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