MSI Manager: Reinstall Applications Assigned by Group Policy

Software installation via Group Policy is a great feature that can save any administrator HOURS of time over installing apps one by one on all machines within the network. But what happens when those applications go bad? Microsoft has not provided a way to force re-installation of GPO-Managed software on a SINGLE machine, opting instead to only give you the option to redeploy the application on ALL machines. On top of this, if you remove the application from Add/Remove Programs the application does NOT get reinstalled! 

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Standardized Outlook Signatures…For FREE

Well, apparently 10 bucks a user isn’t cheap enough for some people, so I had to figure out a cheaper (read: FREE) way to push out standard signatures to our users. It doesn’t make sense to create signatures for each employee by hand, and I can’t really trust users to follow directions in an e-mail telling them what signature they have to use, so what we have here is a completely automated way to push out a standardized company signature to your Outlook 2003 users leveraging the information you have in Active Directory.

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