How To: Delete files that are in Use

Ever needed to delete a file but couldn’t do so even after a fresh boot?  Hate having to go into Safe Mode to delete pesky files?  Can’t delete the damn thing from Safe Mode anyway?  You need the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value.

This is great for deleting spyware and viruses from your system if you know the name of the offending EXE.

HERE is a good summary of the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value,

and HERE is a freeware utility that adds an option to delete files on the next reboot to the right-click context menu.

Now go delete that bastard!


Standardized Outlook Signatures…For FREE

Well, apparently 10 bucks a user isn’t cheap enough for some people, so I had to figure out a cheaper (read: FREE) way to push out standard signatures to our users. It doesn’t make sense to create signatures for each employee by hand, and I can’t really trust users to follow directions in an e-mail telling them what signature they have to use, so what we have here is a completely automated way to push out a standardized company signature to your Outlook 2003 users leveraging the information you have in Active Directory.

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Disclaimers / Sigs for Exchange

I ran into a couple good utils for inserting disclaimers and signatures into Exchange today. Exclaimer is very easy to config, has a nice GUI, rules engine, centrally managed, moderately priced. Adolsign is dirt cheap, and works via a command-line interface to be used with logon scripts, gpo’s etc.